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Wednesday, Apr 16th

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More celebrations for NASCAR

More celebrations for NASCAR

Brian France asserted on Friday that NASCAR has every meaning of leaving “possessions in the drivers’ hands,” and why would not he? The rivalry is tight, television ratings are somewhat up and after a few seasons on the slide, NASCAR seems to be on the come again.

“There is a sixty year history of how we solemnize the events,” France asserted. “This should not be a huge surprise for anybody to endeavor to read us and how we are going to solemnize the events. … We asserted lately in the event, if your car is quicker than someone else and there is some contact and someone gets by, that is NASCAR racing. We rejoice that.”

France’s remarks came in the course of a press conference at Charlotte Motor Speedway in advance of Saturday night’s All-Star race. And for the very first time in years, he was left to discuss about the positives of the game, rather than shielding its shortcomings.

Certainly, there have been fewer lows and more highs so far in 2011.