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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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Official season of Basketball begins

Official season of Basketball begins

After a summer of overcoming injuries and say goodbye to seniors, the team Purdue men's basketball has begun its first official season practice. Head coach Matt Painter said the team in this season will be thrilling to watch, particularly from a defensive point of view.

"I think we have a lot of guys, a lot of speed and a lot of athleticism," said the painter. "We throw a lot of different people to the opposition in terms of men that can protect the basketball entire court and people can truly get up on to the midfield."

This season also will see the return of Robbie Hummel behind two ACL injuries which kept him confined to the background. In addition to the control which he brings to the court, the Painter said Hummel contribute much to the team's defense. "Rob is a good defender," said the painter. "Not a shot blocker or someone who really pressure the ball a lot, but he's a excellent team defensive guy so it really helps us in that area."

Robbie Hummel said he is still adjusting slowly in full practice, having worked only two to three hours on Saturday."I do not think we're in no hurry," said Hummel. "There is still a lot of time and have been making contact with all." The return of the senior, said the games that do not begin until November, and Big Ten play even more on the way, who is trying to pace transition game. After a year of his second ACL tear in October 2010, Hummel said he is much more prepared for the demands of the season than it was last year.