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Wayne Douglas Gretzky - The Almighty of Ice Hockey

Wayne Douglas Gretzky - The Almighty of Ice Hockey

A player can be termed as greatest if he has the ability to mark his impact on the team he is playing for and on the overall game he is playing.

Wayne Gretzky did it successfully throughout his career in ice hockey and there is perhaps no doubt, the Canadian is perhaps the greatest ever Ice Hockey player. In fact, in 1998 The Hockey News named Wayne Gretzky the best player in the history of the game (National Hockey League). Gretzky was also named “the greatest player of all time” in Total Hockey: The Official Encyclopedia of the NHL. On his retirement in year 1999, he was inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame in the same year as NHL decided to waive his 3-year waiting period as part of its tribute to Wayne Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky’s career is full of success and statistically he still holds many NHL records. However, his greatness perhaps lies in his contribution to the teams he represented in NHL. He started his career at Indianapolis Racers of NHA (National Hockey Association) in 1978. The Following season, Gretzky joined Edmonton Oilers which was also under NHA. Following NHA being folded, Edmonton Oilers joined NHL and there Wayne Gretzky helped his club to win four Stanley Cup Championships, setting up many scoring record. He played in the centre and was very skilled in scoring. Many believe it was Gretzky who popularized Ice Hockey in the Southern United States while playing for Los Angeles Kings whom he led to reach the Cup finals in 1993.

Wayne Gretzky won Hart Trophy nine times as the most valuable player of the regular season and Art Ross Trophy on ten occasions for finishing with most points in regular seasons. He won two playoff MVP awards. After his retirement, all NHL team decided to retire his #99 jersey permanently as part of their tribute to Wayne Gretzky. He is the current head coach and part-owner of NHL team Phoenix Coyotes.