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Thursday, Apr 17th

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Taking a look at the Royal St. George's!

Taking a look at the Royal St. George's!

An eminent sergon Dr Laidlaw Purves, born in Scotland, learned to play golf at the Bruntsfield Links. This time the course would be hosted outside Scotland. Dr Purves, who was accompanied with his brother, stood on the top of St Clement’s Church, and exclaimed that “By George, what a place for a golf course!”

Dr Purves surveyed the southern coast of England along with his brother Alexander. He also surveyed spot where the Roman emperor Claudius was landed, which is now of little consequence. With a stretch of untouched linksland, Purves acclaimed that, that position would be the best place for the new golf club. It would be high quality course and would be set with characteristic zeal goal.

The Scottish greenkeeper, Ramsay Hunter, was assigned immediately to design the course, even though he had no previous experience for golf course architecture. The fine construction was completed with naturally lent terrain, with layers. The course was built on high end technology.

Purves, invited all the golfers during the 20th and 21st centuries, inspite of the technological advances. He welcomed the golfers with gnashing teeth as well. The christening of the course was really unclear for years, and later there were many answers to this query.

After five years the popularity of this extraordinary new course at Sandwich attracted many golfers. In 1892, this St George’s was gifted with an Amateur Championship. This is also the the first club to host championship outside Scotland and the fifth to host The Open Championship.