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The Story of David Sills

The Story of David Sills

As soon as the new coach for the USC Trojans, Lane Kiffin, put the finishing touches on the recruits of class of 2010, he immediately turned his focus on the class of 2015 where he received a verbal commitment from wunderkind David Sills, the Bear, Del. quarterback. David Sills V has garnered much media fanfare lately for being a USC commit, at the age of 13. But that should not be surprising as David has been recruited by major college programs like the UCLA since the age of 11. Also, he is the pupil of ‘Dreammaker’ Steve Clarkson, who many consider to be the foremost quarterback trainer in the country. Among the players Clarkson has mentored are, Terrelle Pryor, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Barkley, Matt Cassel and Ben Roethlisberger. Clarkson says that David’s skill set is off the charts and he has never seen anyone at that age do what David is able to do.

David has trained with Clarkson since the age of 9 for almost 40 days a year and it was through Clarkson that the USC scholarship offer found its way to the wunderkind. The story goes that Kiffin heard of Sills from Clarkson who recommended him to watch Sills’s popular YouTube Video. Kiffin was impressed on watching the video of the high school player and found that Sills was just 13 at the time. But that did not deter him from calling up David’s parents and making the offer. However, Kiffin did not meet David till the time he made the verbal commitment.

David recently made it very clear in a radio interview that he had always dreamed of playing for the USC and also visited the USC to spend some quality time at the spring football practice and also talked to his future coaches. Although, Sills cannot sign a ‘letter of intent’ with the USC for the next two years according to the rules of the NCAA. This means that there is a two year window for coaches of other college programs to entice him and steal Kiffin’s catch.

Sills has also said that the thought of the USC scholarship offer being premature hasn’t even entered his mind. However, given the way teenagers change their mind, 2015 might as well be a 100 years. But until then, the USC does seem to have the best in class for 2015.

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