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The God of Football - Jim Brown

The God of Football - Jim Brown

When talking about all time greats of football, there are plenty of ways in which one can go. You can start by looking at the player who might have been in the winning team of all time.

You may look at the player who has registered the gaudiest statistics.

Or you can, possibly, look for a player who was the greatest pure athlete to ever play the game. One who was capable to take that brilliant raw energy and apply it to the National Football League in a way which made him not better, not great but legendary. That player, is Jim Brown.

Jim Brown ended up his career by playing 9 seasons in the National Football League, all for the Cleveland Browns, but his dominance is still felt and his aura is still glorified today, 42 full years after his retirement. In his 9 seasons, he amassed NFL record of 12,312 rushing yards. He also clenched the records in total touchdowns, rushing touchdowns and all-purpose yards.

Brown presently holds rushing yardage record with 1,863 yard mark for the Cleveland Browns in one season, and out of 31 National Football League franchises not a single franchise presently have a longer tenured record holder. He also won three league Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards in his career.

After graduating from high school in Long Island, Brown got 42 scholarship offers, eventually choosing to attend Syracuse University. While perusing his post graduation at Syracuse, Brown earned All-American honors not only in lacrosse, but also in football, and Brown is also respected by many to be one of the greatest lacrosse players in the history of collegiate lacrosse.

One reason why Brown’s real greatness is sometimes unnoticed these days when looking at all-time great National Football League players is, in fact, because of the relatively short span of his career.