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Johnny Unitas – Colts

Johnny Unitas – Colts

Football career of Johnny Unitas' has begun at a small Catholic high school in Pittsburgh, St. Justin's. As he played halfback and finish until he replaces the injured opening quarterback early in his junior year.

Since he is a senior player, he drew curiosity from few of colleges, but was turned behind by Notre Dame, the college he had expected to play for.

He eventually received a scholarship from Louisville, even as a freshman he took more the starting career and led the Cardinals to four wins. Unitas as well played secure, but much of his college job was slowed by injury.

Considered by numerous to be the utmost quarterback of all time, he was cut from his primary pro team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and then the head coach declared Unitas was not smart enough to be a quarterback.

Unitas played semi-pro ball up till the Baltimore Colts offered him a contract of $7,000 in 1956. Whilst an injury to starter George Shaw given him his first chance, Unitas answered by throwing an interception on his first pass and groped a handoff on his coming play.

He returned that season by placing a rookie record for end percentage at 55.6, and tossed a diffident nine stop passes.

Through his NFL career 18 year, 17 years with the Colts by playing his last season with the San Diego Chargers, he led the Colts to 3 championships of NFL, with consist of one Super Bowl, with it inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1979.

At the time of his retirement, he held records for the most attempts of pass (5,186), most completions (2,830), most touchdowns (290), most 300-yard games (26), most total yards (40,239), and most consecutive games throwing touchdown passes (47). He also had three seasons of 3000+ passing yards.

Career Highlights

NFL MVP: 1959, 1964, 1967

Player of the Year: 1959, 1964, 1967

Ten Pro-Bowl selections

Player of the Decade: 1960s

Named Greatest Player in the First 50 Years of Pro Football

Inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame: 1979

Named to the NFL's 75th Anniversary Team

Championship Teams

1959 NFL Championship - Baltimore 31, NY Giants 16

1958 NFL Championship - Baltimore 23, NY Giants 17

Super Bowl V - Baltimore 16, Dallas 13