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Thursday, Apr 24th

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The Recent Kobe Bryant Controversy

The Recent Kobe Bryant Controversy

Kobe Bryant, the star basketball player from LA Lakers, is a fabulous player and is definitely one of the greats of the game. But, does the fact that you are a ‘big’ player give a liberty to say inappropriate things to NBA officials? No, it surely doesn’t!

This is exactly what the recent Kobe Bryant controversy is all about. Bryant used foul language in a game against San Antonio Spurs played in April. He was given a technical foul by NBA official Bennie Adams which is the reason behind Bryant’s use of gay slur words to address the referee. There appears to be no audio record to prove that Kobe actually said it but the lip movement recorded in videos was clear enough to suggest it. It was but obvious that one of the largest gay rights organizations in the country voiced

their opinion against Kobe for doing such a disgraceful act on national television. The NBA fined Kobe Bryant with $100,000 against which the player has appealed.

Whatever the situation might be on the court, keeping a calm mind and abiding by the rules is important. These things are taught to players by their coaches in the early years of the game itself. However skilled a player might be, following the rules every time and staying humble is the actual depiction of his greatness. Bryant should have kept this virtue at the back of his mind. The correct way of reacting to the technical foul was to go out and sit on the benches without complaining or showing anger.

Even if the referee might have given a wrong decision which surely is not the case here, the player’s responsibility is to respect the official’s intelligence and honor his presence simply by abiding to it. Whatever may be the outcome of the appeal that Kobe Bryant has made, he has written for himself a couple of negative lines which will surely appear with his name in future.

This incident is in fact a good lesson for every sportsman, small or big, that the game is always greater and it should get the respect that it deserves.