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Effect of going Pro early on College Basketball

Effect of going Pro early on College Basketball

College basketball in the United States is certainly a mega sport followed by many. It can be said to be the factory for NBA from where talented players emerge every year to enter the NBA. But, when players in their freshman or sophomore years enter the professional NBA league, it surely has an effect on college basketball. And this effect is visible since a long time in many state teams

as younger players who have completed only 1 or 2 years of college, are very good at their business and then they enter the ‘Big’ league through the drafts. This process indeed benefits the NBA and sticks to its objective perfectly, but it is showing off its adverse effects on college basketball teams with every passing year.

The fact that NBA seeks world class players through the drafts and most of those men in this loop are college basketball players if the international players are kept aside for a moment cannot be denied. Research says that there are 10-12 teams that have been affected badly due to this phenomenon. A list of these teams has been made based on the number of players that were picked in the NBA drafts. Also, considering the college year in which the players left, a figure that states the number of potential seasons lost by college teams has been determined as well. Take a look at the top 5 teams that were hit hardest by NBA drafts.

Last year, Kentucky lost 5 players in the first round drafts out of which 4 were freshmen. In all they lost 7 players to the NBA in the last 4 years which accounts for a loss of 16 consolidated college seasons. Memphis lost the same number (seven) of players from 2006 to 2010 which calculates to 15 seasons lost. Third on the list is USC, which lost 13 seasons as 7 players entered the NBA. And it is followed by Ohio State and Texas who lost 6 players each with a loss of 16 and 13 seasons respectively.

The matter of the fact is college teams are not losing only players, they are also losing words like ‘talent’, ‘excellence’ and ‘wizardry’ which could eventually lead them to emerge victorious in the league. The largest factor involved here is the mentality of college players these days. Majority of basket ball players in their college years are looking for that one golden opportunity to get selected in an NBA team through the drafts. Being fair and just to them, it really isn’t their fault! If someone is eligible to become a professional early in his age and there is indeed some team ready to pick him up in the squad, then it is worth giving a try.

But, there can be a solution to this dilemma. Few years earlier, high school players were disallowed to enter the NBA drafts due to circumstances of the similar kind. Maybe, this approach of having some more criteria for college players to become eligible for the drafts can work out well.