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Sheer Commitment of an High School Baseballer

Sheer Commitment of an High School Baseballer

Josh Bell, star outfielder of Texas Dallas Jesuit Collegiate Prep, lost the year’s final game during his junior season, and all the key summer national showcases and tryouts; due to the left kneecap injury during the playoffs of the Class 5A state. Even though you lose any game, but your talent is unforgettable and rewards are always gifted to the deserving person. Same is in the case with Bell. Inspite of failing and losing his exposure, his emergence as a favorite legitimate MLB talent was unstoppable. In the overall RivalsHigh's top ranking, he acquired 9th position and 18th for the forthcoming MLB draft RivalsHigh projection. His work ethics and athleticism has earned him the most important signing bonus to play baseball for the perennial collegiate power. The decision now lies on Bell whether he is eager to grab the chance to play or wait for another good opportunity.

No doubt Bill possesses immense fearless courage that can be said to contradict with his attribute, but he is a key hitting player. Despite of his sudden accolades, this centered athletic fielder has a home run capacity, from either sides of the plate.

After cracking his kneecap, Dallas Morning News reported, Bell begged and convinced the Jesuit coaching staff to allow him to hit even though he could not run. This approach is purely due to his self confidence and his positive approach towards the game. During the interview with Matt Wixon, the reporter of Morning News, Bell said that he discussed that situation with his coach and they both agreed that even though his was injured, he can still swing and wouldn’t run, unless and until he hit a home run.

Well, talent is a secondary factor, if a player has practiced well, he gains self confidence, which is associated with immeasurable power and capability; that’s what Bill has proved here.

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