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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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He is Deaf but he voices leadership!

He is Deaf but he voices leadership!

Players are recognized for their talent and not their appearance or fitness. The exceptional baseball star player Edgar Lebron is one such example to support above statement.

His talent and dedication towards baseball have endorsed him as the leader of his team, and even his disability couldn’t stop his glorious achievement.

Edgar Lebron the talent Pitcher of NY Van Buren High baseball, the the most influential vocal leader and an emerging legend of baseball but surprisingly, he is legally deaf in his both ears. Defeating his hearing disability, Lebron didn’t give up and kept on contributing his best, in every baseball match he plays. That’s what makes him the leader of his team.

In modern times, several alternatives were innovated to make life easy and one of the greatest innovations was the hearing aid, which proved a boon for Lebron. He now uses the advanced aids for his both ears due to which he have become extremely confident over his speaking ability. Mitch Abramson from New York Daily News recently quoted that Lebron has almost overcome his disability which was described as ‘profound hearing loss’ on papers.

No doubt Lebron has to still use aids during the baseball match but nobody can deny the fact that he is the ultimate unifying force of his team. His coaches and teammates are now crediting for his fundamental rise into the lofty ranking as he is the best junior baseball talent of New York City presently.

Elvis Reyes, the captain and Van Buren, Lebron’s fellow mate supported his leadership quality and said that if required, he often yells at them to get the best out of their time invested as he knows how to play baseball game better. We should really appreciated his efforts and take inspiration for our lives.

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