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50-run Blowouts in Baseball

50-run Blowouts in Baseball

In the Lake Highlands High (Texas), on March 8, the public has witnessed biggest single blowout in the baseball history, at the Texas high school.

Eventually the racking was ruled with a 53-0 win against the Dallas (Texas) Samuell High.

In Prep Rally, the game was the major news and was published as a headline in all the hard copies. The game became famous for the massive blowout score, as well as the ethical questions that evolve, when the opponent outscores another 50 runs. The sheer shock of the final score was buried beneath the headlines as these was the major interesting facts –

  • The team proposed rematch to prove themselves, and the next match was scheduled in the same week.
  • None of the Samuell's 17 members had a limited squad varsity quit the team after the loss.
  • Samuell High and Lake Highlands faced again in the next month after this hilarious baseball match, but the 50 run blowouts will always be talked about and the reputation once gone, will take years of effort to re-build it again.
  • The athletic director of UIL interim, Mark Cousins, commented on the baseball ethics by saying that the rules are never publicized as it were always there since years, and were well followed, hence revising of rules was never much needed.

Normally, the trailing team always tries to break the rules in order to outrage their opponents. In doing so, they tend to break the rule and bring back their dominance in the game.