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Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson was born on November 6, 1887 in Kansas. In year 1901 he shifted with his family to Orange County, California and went to Fullerton High School.

In year 1906 he started playing pro baseball in Tacoma and then in Weiser, Idaho, where he singed a contract with Senators in year 1907.

Some of the major achievements of his superb career include-

In year 1908, he shut out the New York Highlanders (present Yankees) in 3 successive games.

  • He pitched fifty six successive scoreless innings between April 10 and May 14, 1913 a record that was unbroken till year 1968 and this was also a year where he won thirty six games and lost only seven.
  • He pitched the most successive innings, 369, without giving a home run.
  • In year 1918 he pitched an 18-inning, 1-0 victory over the Chicago Blue Sox.
  • In year 1920 he hurtled a twelve inning no-run, no hit game, defeating Boston 1-0.
  • He struck out 3,508 batters, the most until Nolan Ryan wrecked his record in year 1983.
  • His 417 career wins is the 2nd best in baseball history.
  • Stands 3rd all time with 5,923 in innings pitched.
  • Stands 5th all time with 531 in complete games.
  • Stands 1st all time with 110 in total shut outs.
  • .599 was his lifetime winning percentage.
  • His ERA was under 2.00 eleven times.
  • He won the final twelve inning World Series game and beat the New York Giants by 4-3.
  • In year 1925 he batted with an average of .433, the highest season average ever achieved by a pitcher. He is the only pitcher in MLB history to win 20 games and bat over .400 in a season.

He was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in year 1936.

He retired from the game in year 1936 and in year 1938 he was elected as Montgomery County Commissioner. In year 1940 as a Republican candidate he lost a very close election to the United States Congress. He died at the age of 59 because of brain tumor on December 10, 1946.