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Friday, Apr 18th

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The Future looks Golden for Conference USA

The Future looks Golden for Conference USA

Conference USA, one of the bigger baseball conferences, doesn’t get the expected attention these days, as their teams are not doing well. For Conference USA, a lot more depends on their present strategies and their correctional changes.

Out of nine, six Conference USA’s teams were able to place themselves in the NCAA’s top 50 RPI rankings. The only considerable rankings were of Big 12 (at 6), Atlantic Coast Conference (at 8) and Southeastern Conference (at 10). Statistically, most of the teams fall short of the expected performances, as they faced tough competitors such as The Golden Eagles and Southern Miss.

The Golden Eagles is considered to be the gold standard for college baseball, has a record of 2-1 win against the teams from SEC. C-USA’s highest ranking team Southern Miss, retained their second position in the ranking. This was the best team with 22-6 record at that time, but Southern Miss was not the only team. The combined strength of C-USA’s teams was a record of 12-11 against SEC, as compared to its previous season, which was 8-14.

B.A. Vollmuth, shortstop, Southern Miss, once said that the blue school scholars never had fear, and whether they are facing a Conference USA team or SEC team, they always focused on winning the game.

Beating Florida, UCF recently demonstrated one of the league’s marquee wins on the road, but that win was not that fazing as in the previous game they were swept on their home ground by Southern Miss. In the USA Today coaches’ poll, The Gators ranked fourth as they had one of the best pitching staffs. Terry Rooney, UCF coach said that in those three years of his association with UCF, he had just one goal, which was to get the program into the national spotlight.

For Conference USA, success is not a foreign, even though they are far behind at present. They came up with wonderful strategies which are expected to gain them their lost reputation, but again, time will be the best judge to rely on.

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